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Beginning in 2001, Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio have held a yearly concert in order to raise funds and to create awareness for their Scholarship.

Sparx & Lorenzo Antonio in concert

Thanks to all of the people who have attended, along with all of the sponsors, individuals, and organizations involved, this yearly fundraiser concert has become one of the most successful events in New Mexico history.

Sparx, Lorenzo Antonio, Carolinas son Santiago in concertSome years, Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio have performed under beautiful, clear skies. Other years, in the pouring rain.

One year, international star Ana Barbara joined Lorenzo Antonio on stage to sing a song. Another year Veronica had just given birth to her first child, Cristian Anthony, and was unable to perform.

Another year, their father, Tiny Morrie, joined them on stage. Both Kristyna and Veronica have done solo performances by opening the show. And one year, even Carolina’s first child, Santiago, joined them on stage as they finished the show.

“…Quiero dar las mas sinceras gracias a Sparx y Lorenzo Antonio por haberme brindado la oportunidad de adquirir esta beca estudiantil, la cual me abrirá paso a un mejor futuro….”

Alejandra Medrano